Exciting news! 

We are elated to announce that Byezzy Tech has forged a strategic partnership with Izoologic, who provides Theat Intelligence, Digital Risk and Brand Protection solutions. 

This partnership will enhance our capabilities to collectively work towards mitigating risks and evolving threats across the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and other emirates. 

Let’s learn in detail about what solutions the newly formed partnership offers to our customers. 

Brand Protection as a Solution 

Partnership with Izoologic will offer brand protection solutions that help in identifying and sheltering your brand with the help of various tools from online abuse, fake accounts, unauthorized use of your brand name, or using your products etc. In order to gain profits.   

Online brand abuse poses significant risks to businesses, ranging from reputation damage to financial losses and legal liabilities. With the help of comprehensive brand protection solutions, along with educating employees and stakeholders about the attached risks and consequences of cyber-victimization and online brand abuse, businesses can uphold brand integrity and maintain safety.  

Brand protection solutions may include proactive monitoring of trademarks and intellectual property rights, digital asset protection, measures to safeguard logos, content and other important information, making sure that it is not illegally used or distributed.  

Other solutions from Izoologic include threat management, phishing solutions, data loss recovery, threat intelligence and so much more! 

Benefits of Byezzy Tech – Izoologic Alliance 

  • Array of IT Solutions tailored to specific business requirements 
  • Proactive threat management
  • Expert support and guidance
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards
  • Provide operational continuity
  • Reduced risks and liability 

Byezzy Tech – Izoologic partnership is a strong commitment towards understanding growing business needs and requirements, offering appropriate solutions to protect digital assets and establishing a resilient infrastructure.  

This solid partnership with Izoologic empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape with confidence, ensuring strong cybersecurity defenses and operational continuity. 

Eagerly looking forward to providing our customers with top-tier IT solutions and brand protection services.  


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