Protect Your Devices from Unauthorized Access, Loss of Data, Corrupt Files

Understanding Data Protection Solutions

Byezzy Tech, an IT solutions company and a renowned reseller, provides backup service and disaster recovery solutions across Dubai/the UAE. But why do you need such solutions? It’s simple-To protect your IT infrastructure from multitude of threats or accidental data loss. Frequent utilization of technology makes it imperative to extend data security solutions across all the channels. As a result, data protection solutions hold a prominent position within the organizational structure that safeguards valuable information and provides a competitive advantage in this digital world.  

As a number one backup partner of Commvault in the UAE, we also provide Commvault Metallic – a SaaS based backup and recovery solution that protects your data, provides seamless backup across different cloud environments.  

Byezzy Tech is not just a backup and disaster recovery vendor but also offers comprehensive consultations on these solutions and services. From understanding customers’ needs to providing tailor-made backup and recovery strategies – we make sure that your data is safe.  

Our Data Protection Solutions include

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System failure or corrupt data? Our Server and VM Backup Solutions ensure continuity of your operations by swiftly recovering the lost data and reducing downtime.

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As a trusted reseller, we firmly stand by the idea of curating a quality collection of content from some of the top academic publishers along with ensuring that it suits the specific needs of anyone and everyone. ​ ​

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Office 365 is a widely used platform in various businesses, promoting collaboration and productivity. At the same time, this platform demands protection from cyberattacks or infiltration. Byezzy Tech’s Backup Solutions for Office 365 safeguard Emails, SharePoint documents, files and other content that holds utmost value to the organization. ​

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Endpoint Backup Solution at Byezzy Tech safeguards the Endpoints-Laptops, desktops, computers, smart phones and protects them from attackers trying to infect the devices, mitigating the risks of data loss.

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Don’t worry if you accidentally deleted an important file. Our cloud backup and recovery capabilities will retrieve the lost files or objects, ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Why Byezzy Tech Could Be the Best Choice for Your Backup Solutions! 

  • Reliable Solutions 
  • Tailor-made to Meet Unique Needs of Businesses 
  • User-Friendly Interface 
  • Expert Guidance at Every Step 
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements

Byezzy Tech, along with collaborating with Commvault, is also a number one partner of Veeam in Dubai, offering the best backup solutions at your disposal. Now it’s your responsibility to implement robust data protection measures and solutions and establish a peaceful and secure environment within your organization.  

We are there with you at every step!