The Best EndPoint Backup Provider in Dubai


A Reliable Endpoint Backup Solution


The Core of System Strength

In any system, the strength is determined by its weakest link, often the vulnerability of a laptop or desktop.


Safeguarding Your Data with Byezzy

Byezzy being a leading endpoint backer solution provider offers a robust solution to secure your valuable endpoint data. Ensure resilience and recoverability against common threats like user deletion, corruption, and ransomware attacks.

1. Simplified Data Protection

Byezzy: Comprehensive Coverage Made Easy

Say goodbye to complexity and high costs; opt for Byezzy's straightforward data protection for a hassle-free experience. Enjoy extended retention, eDiscovery search capabilities, and seamless SLA compliance. 

2. Minimized Risk

Byezzy: Safeguarding Your Valuable Data

Ensure the security and compliance of your valuable endpoint data with Byezzy. Experience simplified recovery from deletion, corruption, and ransomware attacks, reducing overall risk for a safer computing environment. 

3. Swift Recovery

Byezzy: Time-Efficient Data Restoration

Time is crucial. With Byezzy, eliminate downtime through point-in-time, granular, and rapid restore options. Recover swiftly and get back to business without unnecessary delays. 

4. User-Friendly IT Management

Byezzy: Easing the IT Burden

Reduce IT burden with Byezzy's user self-service options and centralized, anytime access across all laptop and desktop data. Simplify IT management and empower users with efficient solutions. 


Revolutionize Remote Work Security with Byezzy

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Experience automated, silent backups that ensure data protection without disrupting your team's workflow.

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Benefit from a range of recovery options, including point-in-time, item-level, cross-OS, and user self-service, providing flexibility in restoring your data.

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Effortlessly geo-locate laptops, secure missing devices, and remotely wipe data within seconds for enhanced security.

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Minimize network usage with Byezzy's source-side deduplication, resource throttling, and "incremental forever" backup, ensuring efficiency in data storage.

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Rely on Byezzy's proven security measures, including immutable backups, advanced encryption

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Effortlessly locate and preserve crucial data for regulatory compliance with Byezzy's high-speed, precision-driven e-discovery and compliance features.