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Have you ever thought what will happen if your device gets damaged, either because of some unwanted virus or a faulty component that leads to disruptions in business operation?  

As a leading IT solutions provider, Byezzy Tech specializes in delivering services like system security, maintenance and support through its comprehensive IT AMC solutions. Keeping in mind the unique requirements and preferences of the clients across various sectors-commercial, manufacturing, leisure or public, Byezzy Tech, with its proactive approach, helps to address any potential issues or malfunctions in your servers and improve business efficiency. 

Intelligent Switches, also known as smart switches, are managed switches equipped with a concise set of management features. These switches enable network segmentation into workgroups through VLAN creation. They provide some security measures, such as 802.1x endpoint authentication, and, in certain cases, limited ACLs (access control lists). Additionally, smart switches support basic quality-of-service (QoS), allowing prioritization of users and applications based on 802.1q/TOS/DSCP, enhancing the solution's versatility. 

Intelligent switches facilitate the efficient management of storage in diverse environments, leading to cost reduction and offering expandability and scalability for both existing and growing businesses. 

Why do you need IT AMC services?

Annual Maintenance Contract or AMC plays a critical role in providing 24/7 IT managed services that ensures smooth functioning of IT hardware infrastructure of businesses. AMC for hardware secures your laptops, servers, desktops etc. And makes sure the optimal performance and longevity of your IT hardware assets. 


IT AMC Services at Byezzy Tech

  • IT Hardware Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)  
    This contract basically encompasses the maintenance and upkeep of hardware components like servers. It involves preventive maintenance and round-the-clock support in case of server breakdowns or malfunctions.
    This agreement typically aims at proactively identifying and handling issues before they turn into major problems. Furthermore, it also covers troubleshooting services, provision for repair or replacement of faulty elements to maintain operational efficiency of the business.IT Hardware AMC at Byezzy Tech may also include installation services for new hardware, making it easier for businesses to integrate new technology within the IT infrastructure.
  • IT & Managed Services Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) 
    IT Managed Services AMC takes a more holistic approach and extends beyond hardware maintenance. This comprehensive contract covers various managed services that can range from network monitoring and security services to protect your digital devices from cyberthreats. 
    It also includes cloud services and data backup and recovery services to safeguard your sensitive data from any kind of loss or corruption.  
    Furthermore, these IT managed services allow you to shift the burden of technical complexities to our trusted service provider, thereby saving valuable time and resources.  

At Byezzy Tech, we offer IT AMC Solutions that benefit you

Uninterrupted Business Operations
Hardware Maintenance and Technical Management
Complete Infrastructure Support
Efficient Resource Allocation
Quality Compliance
Expert Guidance on Latest Trends and Innovation

ByEzzy Tech comprises of a proficient team with highly skilled professionals committed to delivering the best IT AMC services in the UAE. Our dedication and resolute lies in ensuring that businesses have access to efficient, scalable, secure IT services at low cost. Get in touch with Byezzy Tech, your top most choice for IT Annual Maintenance Contracts, with 24/7 dedicated support and expert assistance at any moment. Now it’s your opportunity to maximize productivity while we take care of the rest. 

Your IT infrastructure is in safe hands with us!!!