For all the tech enthusiasts, startups and big enterprises, here is an exciting update for each one of you. Byezzy-your go-to-destination for all your IT needs has acquired a strategic partnership with Dell services and computers -one of the world’s leading tech companies transforming people’s lives with extraordinary capabilities, thereby becoming the official DELL reseller in the UAE.

With sheer commitment towards meeting diverse needs of its customers, Byezzy as a wholesaler, is now all prepared to bring a wide range of DELL products known for their incredible performance, reliability and innovation. From sleek laptops and powerful desktops to workstations, gaming series, robust servers and storages, Byezzy in collaboration with DELL aims at helping enterprises modernize the work environment and maximize growth.

Some of the products are:

·       DELL XPS Series – These are consumer-oriented high-performance laptops with evolved design and performance, outstanding picture quality and colors like never before. As thin as it could get, these laptops have an outstanding battery life.

·       DELL Latitude Series – Stylish, durable and mobile, this line of laptops are aimed at corporate enterprises, government or education markets.

·       DELL Storage Servers – These are the store houses for all your data, applications and other resources thereby providing an effective management system.

·       DELL Workstations – Advanced graphics, scalable memory and storage options, they help you to handle huge workloads with ease and comfort.

All these powerful products from DELL will enhance remote working and also act as an upgrade for your workplace.

Byezzy together with DELL promise to work collaboratively to develop strategies that maximize growth. This partnership will also help customers

·       To easily access diverse range of IT supplies available at one place

·       In top-notch, reliable products from a highly trusted company

·       To enjoy amazing deals and prices.

·       To acquire better support and an overall elevated experience

All in all, this union of Byezzy-DELL is all ready to offer comprehensive solutions, redefine innovation and empower businesses of all sizes to thrive. Become a part of this noteworthy alliance and transform the way you work.

Choose Byezzy. Choose DELL.