Unified Communications

Messy and Confused Conversations?

A Low-Cost Solution for Your Business Communications!

Running a business, big or small, requires careful planning and efficient communication with the team ahead of time. In this digital age, the 3CX Phone System is a solution that ensures your business communication is well-organized and effective. Byezzy Tech, an IT service provider in the UAE, offers unified communication solutions in the form of 3CX Phone System that allows contemporary businesses to stay connected and communicate effortlessly 

But what is the importance of Unified Business Communication?

In every enterprise, big or small, unified communication is the glue that holds everyone and everything together. Whether you are discussing a project, or an emergency erupted, unified communication tools allow employees to connect seamlessly leading to trouble-free business operations.

Why Choose Byezzy Tech for Unified Communication?

Unified Communications

3CX Systems for Windows integrates your communication tools like voice mail, fax, email and keeps them connected in one platform. We, at Byezzy Tech, provide unified communication devices across Dubai, UAE, that make collaboration amongst the team easier than ever.

Cost-Effective Solution

Byezzy Tech’s 3CX is a low-cost communication solution that allows you to pay once a year and removes the hassle of monthly user fees. This creates more savings for your business.

Improved Fault Tolerance

With 3CX solutions, backing up your PBX becomes smooth, ensuring better fault tolerance and providing unified business communication.


3CX Business Phone Systems are highly scalable, that allow you to expand your business and manage calls from anywhere, anytime.

Additional Benefits of 3CX

  • The benefit of utilizing existing hardware 
  • Increased ROI due to cost-efficiency 
  • Smooth Integration with other business applications 
  • Easy build voice applications that improve productivity 
  • No vendor lock in 

Byezzy Tech understands that as your business progresses, your communication needs evolve as well. Outdated phone systems can hinder business growth. For that reason, we provide the best business phone systems and collaboration solution in the UAE for unified communication, empowering your team with the flexibility to stay connected, whether they are in the office or working remotely. 

Don’t know how to set up the 3CX Phone System? 

Email us at [email protected]. We are here with you at every step.