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Defend Your Digital World – Key Takeaways From Our Cybersecurity Awareness Webinar

Cybersecurity Solutions Dubai

Byezzy Tech, a cybersecurity solutions provider, recently hosted an informative webinar that was completely wrapped around Cybersecurity Awareness Training and emphasized on the importance of staying informed and proactive in the UAE landscape, where cyber threats are constantly on the rise.  

This session provided some invaluable insights that offered participants the knowledge to maneuver through the dynamic cyber environment across the UAE and mitigate emerging risks.  

Key topics covered during this insightful session: 

  • Cyberattacks like Phishing scams – Understanding, identifying and preventing phishing attempts 
  • Types of Phishing scams 
    - Email Phishing Scams 
    - Spear Phishing Scams 
    - Smishing 
    - Social Media Scams 
    - Vishing Scams 
    - Search Engines 
    - Quishing: QR code Scams 
  • Common Phishing Tactics in the UAE – Understanding with real-world examples 
  • Learning about Social Engineering Techniques and Tactics  
  • Exploring real world examples of social Engineering in the UAE 
  • Insider Threats – Case studies and Strategies to detect and prevent insider threats 
  • Practicing Safe Internet Habits to mitigate cybersecurity risks in both personal and professional setting 
  • Risks associated with social media usage 
  • Safe Use of social media – Tips to secure social media accounts 
  • Safe Mobile Computing Practices – Security risks of mobile devices, mobile security tools and resources relevant to the UAE landscape 
  • Incident Reporting in the UAE – A crucial step in cyber defense 
  • Overview of cybersecurity laws and regulations applicable in the UAE 
  • Implementing Best Practices that ensure compliance  
  • Maintaining Data Privacy practices and safeguarding confidential information  

The active participation of all the attendees made this webinar a huge success. Cybersecurity awareness is a shared responsibility that requires continuous education and training. As a cybersecurity service provider across Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, it becomes our moral obligation to spread awareness and encourage everyone in the UAE and beyond, to continue prioritizing cybersecurity and create a digitally safe environment.   




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