What Is Customer Identity And Access Management?

Troubled With the Risks of Insider Threats or Unwanted Visitors Accessing Your Company’s Sensitive Information?  

Understanding Customer Identity and Access Management 

The concept of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) is an essential component of cybersecurity and customer experience. Being exposed to technology on a regular basis, CIAM services act like a guard protecting digital interactions of the organization. Unlike traditional Identity and Access Management tools, CIAM solutions keep track of everyone in your company-be it customers, partners, vendors etc. And ensures that only the right individuals can access the right resources for the right reasons. 

At Byezzy Tech, we offer a range of Identity and Access Management solutions that simplify the process of protecting your organization from breaches or infiltration.  

Let us get a deeper understanding about Customer Identity and Access Management and its different facets.  

Components of Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) 

  • Authenticate 
    It is the first step in the process of accessing digital services that verify the identity of employees or customers by asking for information in the form of username/password, fingerprint scans, ID cards, or face ID etc. If you provide correct credentials and the system confirms your identity, you get the permission to access resources but up to a certain extent.  
  • Authorize 
    While authentication checks your identity, authorization decides what you can or cannot access. For e.g. If you are granted access to certain files, documents or databases, then you’ll only be able to view that and nothing else.  
  • Manage  
    Management simply means to keep everything safe, secure and well-organized. This component of CIAM helps in monitoring different departments that consist of user accounts or managing user preferences like creating new accounts, updating information, changing passwords etc.  
  • Audit 
    This component is like keeping a record and documenting everything that happens within the system. It includes tracking user activity like who accessed what and why and keeping a watchful eye on any suspicious behavior. This helps ensure that the system and organization are safe and secure. 

We are all extremely careful of who we let in our homes. Right?  
Then why leave our systems exposed to threats or unauthorized access that proves to be dangerous and ends up causing severe damage to the organization? 

Now that you are aware of CIAM and the risks involved, make sure you only let the right people get in your system!  

Reach out to us and secure your digital devices.  

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